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 Saturday 19 January 2019

Our Service - What Is Radio Warneford?

Radio Warneford is the award-winning hospital radio station broadcasting to patients and staff at Warwick Hospital in the heart of Warwickshire.

Warwick Hospital

Why Radio "Warneford"? The station was founded back in 1973 to provide entertainment for patients over the Christmas period. At that time, the main hospital for the area was the Warneford General Hospital on Radford Road in Leamington Spa and that's where we were based for twenty years.

Warwick Hospital got its first taste of Radio Warneford's programmes in 1988 when broadcasts started being relayed from the Leamington studios via a landline. The Warneford Hospital finally closed its doors to patients in 1993 and Radio Warneford moved into brand new, purpose-built studios on the Warwick Hospital site. Having operated for twenty years and become well known locally as Radio Warneford, a change of name was thought inappropriate. So although the Warneford Hospital is now no more, its name continues to live on in ours.

Radio Warneford has about sixty volunteer members who, as well as producing programmes for patients and staff, also run the station through a Management Committee, raise money at special fund raising events, operate Radio Warneford Productions, our outside broadcast and public address service, and carry out all the administrative tasks required to keep the station operating smoothly.

Our programmes are broadcast to patients via the new Premier bedside entertainment and information system. Radio Warneford is free to listen to - patients can access other television and radio channels by using a special payment card.

In 1998 we celebrated 25 years on the air.

Radio Warneford is currently on air and broadcasting its own programmes for 30½ hours every week, that's more than 900 hours a month or 11,132 hours a year!

Radio Warneford is an independent charity and is not part of the National Health Service. The station requires financial support from local people and organisations in order to continue its service to patients.

The rest of this section provides further information about Radio Warneford's structure, the services we offer, how we raise funds and the involvement we have with the local community.

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